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Things to try when your arm is reaching for the phone

  • Take 3 deep breaths and ask yourself "Do I actually want to use the phone?"

  • Say "what has been the highlight of your day?" do the person closest to you

  • Do 10 jumping jacks

  • Call a friend/family member you haven't spoken to for long

  • Drink a large glass of water

  • Go to a window and look outside

  • Finish a task at home you've been procrastinating

Look Up

‘Look Up’  is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time alone.

Written, Performed & Directed by Gary Turk.

Featuring Louise Ludlam & Stuart Darnley.
Original score by New Desert Blues.
Sound engineering by Daniel Cobb.
Filmed and edited by Gary Turk.

I Forgot My Phone

What does the world look like for someone without a phone in their hands? It can be pretty isolating and lonely..

Written by Charlene deGuzman

Directed by Miles Crawford

Starring Charlene deGuzman

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