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Digital wellbeing for your staff and an opportunity to do good!
Does your organisation challenge norms, encourage creativity, innovation and mental wellbeing? Involve your employees, clients and partners in our fun initiative open for all. It is sure to get people talking, bring up new ideas and have unexpected results! 
Phone Free Day is a perfect match if you are working with UN's Sustainability Development Goals too






By bringing your organisation on board the Phone Free Day challenge you can all take part in the 4-week digital wellbeing journey leading up to October 6th as well as the day itself. We provide tips, resources and fun challenges sure to improve communication, productivity and reduce stress levels. How about Phone Free meetings or Phone Free lunch break?

It is also a great opportunity to do good in our community. Corporations are doing amazing things through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. But we believe that there is a piece missing. Organisations' employees as well as customers all get affected by smartphones in different ways, many negatively. Digital wellbeing is still a new topic, and is getting increasingly noticed.


Being involved in Phone Free Day is an opportunity for organisations to have an impact, build your brand, empower employees, and even improve productivity. 

We´d love to discuss how you could be involved in Phone Free Day, and what we can give you.

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Organisations taking on the 
Phone Free Day challenge 2021

"We live in a world that is filled with noise – and that noise often prevents us from thinking at our highest level, doing the deep work that leads to real innovation, or engaging with people properly. That's why we're really excited to take part in Phone Free Day this year – to challenge ourselves to cut down on the noise, give ourselves space to think, and connect more meaningfully."

Verity Craft, General Manager & Storyteller

"Phone Free Day is a great cause and I am so happy to be promoting it to our students at AUT. The digital world can really consume you, and as a result you miss out on so many special things in life, such as quality time with family and friends. As the Student Wellbeing Promotion Co-ordinator, I want to show students how limiting the use of your phone can play a part in improving your wellbeing and free up time to do other things. I want students to be well and make the most of their time at AUT"

Komal Suratwala, Student Wellbeing Promotion Co-ordinator

"Our dream at AIA is to make New Zealand the healthiest and best protected nation in the world. Whilst this is a lofty ambition, we are acutely aware that healthy Kiwis, make for healthy communities and healthy economies. When we talk about health, we are not just focused on the physical, but we are also focused on mental health, and we believe “Phone Free Day” provides a catalyst for people to stop, take a break and actively consider how they are using their phones. Disconnect to Reconnect!"

Sam Tremethick, Phone Addict & Chief Partnership Insurance Officer

"We all know using our mobile phone while driving is dangerous, illegal if hand-held, and can cause crashes. Take the opportunity on Phone Free Day and every day to go phone free in your car, so you’re not distracted and can get to where you’re going safely,”


Fabian Marsh, Senior Manager Road Safety

At Yellow we base our wellness programme on the Māori model of health, Te Whare Tapa Whā – we run initiatives around mental, spiritual, social and physical health. Digital wellbeing impacts all of these areas as well as our effectiveness at work. We’re excited to take part in Phone Free Day to explore how we can become smarter with our phone usage to promote human connection and productivity. 

Jovita Stellmacher, People Experience Partner

Case study Randstad, participants of
Phone Free Day 2020

Excerpt from Stuff article. Read the whole story here.


When David Hickenbottom, a consultant at recruitment agency Randstad, heard about Phone Free Day, he put the idea to senior management who have since rolled it out nationally.

"We pride ourselves on being human-forward, we like to make meaningful connections with candidates, clients and colleagues," Hickenbottom says. "Phone Free Day could really help promote those ideas. It fits with our values."

Around 75 Randstad staff across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch participated in Phone Free Day 2020. "Some people will go phone-free for the whole day, but we're encouraging people to just do what they can. Whether that's putting the phone down for 15 minutes while they eat lunch, so they can connect with a colleague."

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