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What you can do to combat your FOMO and Nomophobia

Fear of losing instant communication - Have a Covid-safe “in-person” catch up with a friend or family member. Use an “out of office” message. Set response expectations on emails.   


Fear of disconnection from online identity - Turn off notifications.  Delete an app. 

Go talk to co-located colleagues instead of posting on intranet.  


Fear of not being able to access information instantly - Read a book or look at a map. Ask someone for advice on whatever you need information on. If possible, visit a library and research a topic for interest.  Enjoy the space, talk to a librarian! Interview a subject matter expert for a work project   


Fear of losing peace of mind without convenience of smartphone - Go for a walk in nature.  Do a meditation.  Do both with one of Logan’s walking meditations! Take regular breaks and fill them with something that empowers you.

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