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"Phone Free Day was a great opportunity to connect with my friends properly without the phones distracting."

"I didn´t take it on the school walk, didn´t take it to the gym and I've put a sticky note on the button to remind me not to use it!!!"

"Today feels quieter than other days. I also feel lighter and less pressured. Not missing social media at all. "

"What if I didn't go on social - at all - will the world stop, will I miss out on connecting. I am pretty sure the answer to this is NO."

Phones are great but they are also affecting our relationships, focus at work, sleep, and even general quality of life. Phone Free Day is one part in the growing movement for empowering people to use technology in a smarter and more purposeful way. 

Phone Free Day 2021 is in planning. We are looking for ambassadors around the world to run local Phone Free Day campaigns, and sponsors to help us grow!

We also offer workshops on digital well-being to organisations. 

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