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Mental health is high on the agenda for many organisations, and it should be. Phone Free Day is one way of approaching the complexity of our digital world, and supporting your teams' health and focus. It also fits well in with UN SDG #3. Why not sign up your organisation for one of the challenges and start a discussion that is sure to engage people? 

Digital wellbeing is also a good contributor to UN´s Sustainability Goal #3

Here are some resources that you can print and post or share on social media or newsletters. We can also run a webinar on digital wellbeing and distractions in the workplace. Contact us for more information. 

SDG 3.png
Phone Free Day for organisations (2).png

Phone Free Day info - a poster with information about what Phone Free Day is and why it is important. Download here or click on the image. 

PFD hacks for organisations.png

Hacks Poster - 4 tips anyone can do which can significantly improve your team´s wellbeing, stress levels, and productivity. 

Download here or click on the image. 

Copy of Put away phone while eating.png

Encourage team members to enjoy their lunch without their phone. Great for improved communication with colleagues and reduced stress. Download here or click on the image. 

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