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Do you feel like you are using your phone a bit too much, or that it is interfering with your life or causing negative effects? Why not take the opportunity to sign up for one of the Phone Free Day challenges and start your journey towards a more mindful phone use?

Below are some habits you can try. 

For more tips, contact our team member Fernanda Maio, digital wellbeing coach.  

Habits to try

I want a bit of a change

  • Leave your phone outside the bedroom overnight. Get an alarm clock or turn the alarm sound up to max so you're sure to wake up.

  • Start measuring your screen time with any of the many apps

  • Keep your phone in a bag on your way to work 

  • Don’t take your phone with you into the bathroom or toilet.

  • Keep the phone out of sight for conversations, meetings or meals.

  • At home, have a phone place where you always keep it, instead of carrying it around with you. 

I really want to change

  • If you need to use the phone when with someone else, ask "Is it okay if I check my phone quickly?"

  • Turn off banner-style/pop-up/sound notifications off apps

  • Turn-on grey scale on the phone

  • Delete all social media apps from your phone; check these only from a desktop computer.

  • Take work email off your phone. If needed, notify others in advance and include a message in your signature, e.g. "If you email outside of my working hours I will respond as soon as possible tomorrow, for any urgent matters call me". (you will be surprised how few calls you'll get)

  • Go out to a lunch, dinner or to an event/gym session and leave your phone behind.

Transform me!

  • Use do not disturb mode as default (you can select which calls that go through)

  • Delete any social media account you feel is not giving you value and happiness

  • Set off dedicated screen time where you are allowed and supposed to use your phone. 

  • Have a full day without the phone

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