Do you want to contribute to research on digital well-being and how phones are affecting us? Here is your chance!

A research team from Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), University of East Anglia (UK), and University of Greenwich (UK) wants to know about your experiences on the Phone Free Day! 

In the study “Digital well-being – Exploring the effects of mindful phone usage", the team will explore how the interventions of Phone Free Day affect participants’ emotional state as a proxy for well-being, social relationships and productivity and efficiency with regards to work and personal tasks.

How do I sign up?

If you participated in Phone Free Day and want to share your reflections, please sign up in the button below.



Please bear in mind that as soon as the research team conducted the interviews or received your diary, they will pseudonymise your personal information like your name. In the publications that will result from the analysis of the interview and diaries nobody will be able to identify you. 

To join this study you need to have participated in the Phone Free Day and be over 20 years old. 

Why join?

Apart from contributing to research, we believe that being part of the study can enrich your experience and give you the opportunity to reflect on Phone Free Day, the challenges that you faced, the positive aspects and any changes in your phone behaviour that you want to make. 

Background to study

While we are living in a hyper-connected world where our smartphones have become our constant companion within arm's reach 24/7, there is an increasing awareness around the dark side of phone usage and in particular social media. More and more people understand the importance of digital well-being, the balance between connection and disconnection, and actively seek opportunities for digital detoxes, use digital well-being tools or read self-help literature, yet the effectiveness of those digital well-being interventions is not well-understood.  

What does it mean to participate in the study?

Just go through Phone Free Day with the packages you have chosen, and write a brief diary (template provided) and/or share your experiences in an interview with the research team, around 1 hour at a time of your convenience. 

For any questions on the research project please contact Dr Lena Waizenegger at 

We are looking forward to have you on board in our research study! 


Dr Lena Waizenegger (Auckland University of Technology, NZ)


Taino Bendz (Founder of Phone Free Day)


Dr Brad McKenna (University of East Anglia, UK)

Dr Wenjie Cai (University of Greenwich, UK)




Approved by the Auckland University of Technology Ethics Committee on 17th of February 2021  AUTEC Reference number 21/17.