Recognise this?

Different studies show that smartphones are negatively impacting our well-being, and that it's common to use the smartphone several hours per day, and checking it every couple of minutes - including at work.


Why is this an issue?

Should we not be allowed to communicate with our families or take a break and read the news or scroll Instagram while at work?

Of course!

This is a challenge because research also shows that every time we do pick up the phone, it takes us a few minutes to get back our focus. We feel busy but get less done. We feel like to are multitasking when we are actually just distracted. Stress levels are high, people are overworked, and yet we get less done.

Having a phone on the desk reduces our

cognitive capacity on par with effects of lack of sleep 

(HBR, 2018)

We need to acknowledge that being constantly connected is a large part of this un-sustainable situation at work and at home. PhoneSmart lets us enjoy the good aspects of the phone, and handle the negative aspects. 


PhoneSmart is a research based interactive workshop where we take you through the facts and statistics, the effects of smartphone overuse, a number of challenges and frameworks. 


 We want to create a working and home environment where we can focus, and which promotes well-being. The side effects? Increased productivity, higher employee engagement, less stress, more human interaction, better sleep and improved communication with those around you!

What can you do right now?

- Ask your team, do they feel distracted by having phones around all the time?

- Introduce Phone Free meetings

- Have Phone Free zones e.g. elevator, lunch area, reception

- Organise Phone Free social events

- Consider a Smartphone Policy

- Get us to come and talk about what Phone Free could mean for you specifically