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Habits to try

I want a bit of a change

  • Leave your phone outside the bedroom over night. Get an alarm clock or turn the alarm sound up to max so you're sure to wake up.

  • Start measuring your screen time with any of the many apps

  • Keep your phone in a bag on your way to work 

  • Don’t take your phone with you into the bathroom or toilet.

  • Keep the phone out of sight for conversations, meetings or meals.

  • At home, have a phone place where you always keep it, instead of carrying it around with you. 

I really want to change

  • If you need to use the phone when with someone else, ask "Is it okay if I check my phone quickly?"

  • Turn off banner-style/pop-up/sound notifications off apps

  • Delete all social media apps from your phone; check these only from a desktop computer.

  • Take work email off your phone. If needed, notify others in advance and include a message in your signature, e.g. "If you email outside of my working hours I will respond as soon as possible tomorrow, for any urgent matters call me". (you will be surprised how few calls you'll get)

  • Go out to a lunch, dinner or to an event/gym session and leave your phone behind.

Transform me!

  • Use do not disturb mode as default (you can select which calls that go through)

  • Delete any social media account you feel is not giving you value and happiness

  • Set off dedicated screen time where you are allowed and supposed to use your phone. 

  • Have a full day without the phone

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