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Spending quality time offline 

Thanks so much for starting this organisation. In recent times I have become increasingly concerned by the effect mobile technology is having on our society. Until now I honestly felt quite alone in recognizing the negative impact that mobile phones and their obviously addictive apps are having on our communities, social groups and our personal relationships. New Zealand is certainly in need of a movement like this and I strongly believe that like-minded people can come together to share a positive message promoting a change in the way we use mobile technology. I believe that the devices themselves are not necessarily the problem however we need to promote a message of responsible use and demonstrate positive and appropriate behavior to our own families, friends and the wider community. 

Phone free day was a great opportunity to spend time and have conversations with friends, family and co-workers and to reflect on how much the world has changed in recent times. I shared a phone free lunch with a small group of my work mates, spent time chatting to my wife , and my two boys even agreed to go without their PlayStation for a day.

I am a keen sailor and I have a Paper Tiger Catamaran that I built from scratch. At the moment the boat is unnamed, however I have decided to call it "Offline" and race it in an effort to encourage more people to spend a little less time connecting with technology and spend a little more time connecting with people at sports clubs and other community groups.


Thanks again and I will look forward to future phone free events.

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