Phone Free Day is one part in the growing movement for empowering people to use technology in a smarter and more purposeful way. Phone Free Day was started by Taino Bendz as a non-profit initiative and is now based on amazing people working voluntarily. We all have different reasons for joining but share the same core principle: that we need to change the way we use our smartphones.


We want to give you a chance to experience another way of using your phone for one day, and support you in creating a smartphone use that you will want to do every single day.


Frequently asked questions

What is Phone Free Day?

An initiative to offer a day to experience freedom of the stressful side of the phone, connect with people and the world around us.

When is the next Phone Free Day?

March 19th 2021

Why are you running Phone Free Day?

We believe that technology is meant to support us. But many people feel that the way we are using it at the moment, especially the smartphones, is doing the opposite. Our use of smartphones is causing conflicts at home, stress, mental health issues, traffic accidents, deprived sleep, and a lot more. We want to change that.

Can I use my phone on Phone Free Day?

Yes. Our core message is: Use the phone - don´t let it use you! We advocate a balanced phone usage which is intentional and purposeful. Our advice for Phone Free Day is to think about how you WANT to use the phone, and use it for that, rather than the mindless addictive usage that is so easy to slip into. Ideally you will use it in a way that works the rest of the 364 days of the year.

So what do I actually do on Phone Free Day?

Decide how you want to challenge yourself (and others!). Maybe go for a walk without your phone, meet friends without the phone, have a meeting without the phone, have a meal without the phone, go to a museum without the phone. Why not organise a Phone Free party? There are endless possibilities! We encourage you to experience new things, rather than seeing it as a day of limitations. We have also created a Phone Free Day bingo with things to survive without your phone on the day!

Why do people volunteer with Phone Free Day?

If you share our concern, this is a chance to impact people around the world to use smartphones in a more mindful way. We want to give you an opportunity to be a part of a movement, have fun, and work on skills you like to practice. For us there are many reasons, what is yours? - Make a difference - Feel valued and part of a team - Gain confidence and self-esteem. - Gain new skills, knowledge and experience - Developing existing skills and knowledge - Enhance your CV - Meeting new people and making new friends - A chance to socialise with people from around the world

What do volunteers do, and how much time is needed?

First and foremost spreading the word, getting people to sign up as participants and volunteers. We give volunteers the freedom to do what they enjoy, here are a few things: - Create content for newsletters, website, social media - Help manage the website - Talk to schools and childcare organisations for involvement - Organise local Phone Free events - Talk to media - Talk to organisations for involvement and sponsorships - Help with marketing - Create content for newsletters etc. Ideally you can spend a minimum of one hour per week on average. Sky´s the limit! :)

Can my school or organisation participate?

Yes! We encourage all individuals to sign up too on our website to take part in the weekly challenges.

Who is behind Phone Free Day?

Phone Free Day is a non-profit initiative, started by Taino Bendz, a technology professional and father of 2, living in New Zealand. It is now run together with volunteers around the world.

Why should I sign up for Phone Free Day?

People join for many reasons, here are a few: - You want to get more time for other things - You feel like you are using the phone in a way that you are not fully happy with, - You want better focus at work or studies - You want to sleep better - You want to have better interactions with friends and family Also, by signing up you get an email per week leading up to Phone Free Day with challenges and resources.