Take the challenge and take control of your phone use!

Phone Free Day 2022 is in planning,

but you can already: 

Why Phone Free Day

75% of us feel addicted to our phones and we average over 3 hours per day on them.

This is not a problem in itself but the consequences can be. Disturbed sleep, increased stress and anxiety, disability to focus at work and studies, conflicts with friends and family, physical wellbeing, are some of the common effects of smartphone overuse. 

Does that mean that we should throw the smartphones away? No. 

It means that we need to be smarter with how we use them. 

It means that we need to use this piece of technology as a tool in an intentional and mindful way, as opposed to mindlessly scrolling. 

We want to support you to start your journey to a healthy phone use and reap the benefits!

How attached are you to your phone?

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Reflections from participants 

"Phone Free Day was a great opportunity to connect with my friends properly without the phones distracting."

"Today feels quieter than other days. I also feel lighter and less pressured. Not missing social media at all. "

"I got SO much more work done on Phone Free Day and had lots more to talk about with my partner at the end of the day"